Who wrote the foreword? What was he famous for? (use internet if you don’t know)

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Forty Chances – Week 1


Using the identified book sections, please answer the following study guide questions.  Upload your completed document in the “Assignments” tab.  This assignment is worth 20 points

Foreword, Page xiii-xvi

  1. Who wrote the foreword? What was he famous for? (use internet if you don’t know)
  • How did Howard Graham Buffet get his name (both Howard and Graham)?

Introduction: One Shot at a Warlord, Page 1-6

  • In what country did the introduction take place?
  • What army did the lieutenant Acellam lead?
  • Who were the army hunting? Why?
  • What did the army do to their prey when they found them?
  • Why did Howard Buffet take the lieutenant’s picture?
  • FAO reported what to be the leading cause of hunger in 2005? What does FAO stand for?
  • What is Howard Buffet’s “day job”?

Story 1: The Day I heard the Clock Tick, Pages 9-17

  1. How many acres are there in the business operation Howard Buffett runs?
  1. What event did Howard Buffet attend that led to the book title?
  1. What organization did the author quote related to the number suffering persistent and chronic hunger?  How many were estimated?
  1. How many Americans did the author quote as food insecure? How many children?
  1. What is an NGO project (what do the letters stand for)?
  1. How many $$$ has the Buffet foundation invested in the past decade?
  1. How many countries has the book author visited?
  1. What was the name of the effort the author discusses in the 1960’s in India and South East Asia, that saved a billion people?
  1. What is the target year for the HG Buffett Foundation to have given away all of its money?