Who Am I Infographic

Who Am I Infographic

Now is the time to reflect upon and discover what motivates you, what your belief system is, what your perceptions are of past experiences, and what you’re good at.

Decisions made in college and thereafter depend upon your level of self-knowledge and can ultimately determine your competitiveness in the job market and the degree of career success and meaningfulness one has.

Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a personal infographic to share the important things that make you who you are.  PowerPoint should be between  4-7 slides. 


· Title Slide

· The character traits and habits that define you and how they became a part of you

· Things you value (What inspires you, what are your beliefs, what motivates you, and what work principles do you live by)

· Skills you have, experience level, and where you got them

· Experiences that influenced your life

(Be sure ALL of the required information is included)

Upload your assignment once it is completed.