What does this positioning statement tell you?

1 questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaEYIYJLVlw

Watch the video and answer the following three (3) :

1. What does this positioning statement tell you?

2. In relation to the iPad, what can you see are…

INTERNAL/Company & Product

– The Company/Product’s Strengths?

– The Company/Product’s Weaknesses?


– The Market Opportunity?

– The Market Threats?

3. Knowing what you now know about positioning, create a new and improved tagline for the 2010 iPad:

Question 2: As you will soon see, entering a competitive market with a product, no matter how magnetic or great, is not an easy task and simply creating “magic moments” is not enough.

In order to build an effective marketing strategy it is important to gain an understanding of the dynamics of the marketplace including competition, customers and potential customers, the company itself, etc. We call this process a Situation Analysis.

Your first project will be to develop a “Bring Krispy Kreme Back to New England (Boston)” Marketing Strategy. For those of you not from the region, the major for Krispy Kreme was and still is Dunkin Donuts, which for many folks rules New England!

Before we dive into the project and with limited information at hand for the moment, take a look at the 

 As you will experience, there is massive information to sift through to help you understand the marketing environment including:

  • The Fast Food Treat/Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Sector in New England
  • The Brands
  • Past History in the Region
  • Financial Performance (past/present)
  • Scale of Competitors’ Presence (esp. Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks) in the Market
  • And more!

Yikes! So how do you get this information? Where do you go? How can you do this efficiently?, and effectively? How do you begin?

The Assignment:

Like most of us, you will probably go to Google first.

1. Go ahead, go to Google, and at minimum, list five (5) sources of relevant information to help you build a Situation Analysis. Please list for each source:

  • Search Terms You Used
  • Names of Sources with Links
  • Description of What You Found

For example, here is one (1) source I found searching for “Dunkin Donuts Competition”:

https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/boston.com…The Boston GlobeThe Globe mapped all the Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts in the United States — more than 11,100 Starbucks and 7,200 Dunkins — and asked three business analysts to tell us what the maps say about the competition between Starbucks and Dunkins. 2. Do the same again, but don’t use Google as your search engine!, and again list five (5) sources as #1 above.  I also need you to list

  • Search Terms You Used
  • Names of Sources with Links
  • Description of What You Found

HINT: I recommend you check out the Iwasaki Library and the resources that are available there.

 Impress Me:1. How far did you go to get the background information you need to develop a strategy, and2. What more do you think you need to tackle the upcoming project.