What does the viewer learn from this film? Who is the target audience?

The Lion King

Students are required to pick a film, any film, and then compose a review that accomplishes the following:

1. Length – 500 word minimum – this length tends to offer less depth, 750 word maximum – this length tends to be a better review as it offers more depth of analysis. Students are required to list the word count on the bottom of the last page.

2. The review needs to follow this format:

3. Introduction: This should be one well designed, pithy paragraph, that encourages the reader to read the whole essay. The film itself and background information is briefly summarized. Also, this contains the thesis statement component. Shorter than the main body, lengthier than the conclusion.

4. Main Body: This is the segment that discusses the successes and failings of the film; plot, quality of acting, story line, cinematography, music, direction, dialog, believability, overall artistic quality and editing are all significant points to carry in your essay. While all do not need to be addressed, students are required to cover at least 2 of these in the body of the review. This is the lengthiest component of the work.

5. Conclusion: This segment contains the overall and a restating of the thesis. This is the shortest component of the work.

Helpful framework – What does the viewer learn from this film? Who is the target audience? What are the strengths and weaknesses? What was the goal of this film and was it, ultimately, effective? What is your overall opinion of this film?

Formatting – Please follow the same format for all other assignments in this course. Please analyze the film – 3 pages of summary will not be accepted. Analysis can look at the film angles, the directing, the acting, the costumes, etc. (Example – The acting made this movie effective because X character changed their voice and their facial expressions in X scene. The evil, raspy tone and their crooked lip mimicked horror movie characters which elicited fear from the audience and made the film extremely realistic.)

Students are required to do a bit of research on published reviews and to include 1 reference to 1 professional film review of their chosen film. Students may include direct quotes from these external or paraphrasing. Be sure to use a proper citation format, either MLA, APA, or Chicago style.