What do you already know about your chosen topic?

In the first four weeks, you identified a topic of and some preliminary questions you wanted to investigate. Also, you have read in the related literature about what other researchers have done to address your questions by reading and summarizing the findings of at least fifteen peer-reviewed papers. In this week’s discussion, you will need to identify unresolved issues related to your topic of interest and question/s (literature research gap) and refine your original question/s. This means you will have to criticize the research literature you have reviewed to identify possible research literature gap/s. In doing so, it would be best if you address the following questions:

-What do you already know about your chosen topic?
-What do you not know about your chosen topic?
-What has not been explored or underexplored in the related about your chosen topic?
-What aspect/s of your chosen topic and original questions remain unanswered?