Week Two: Assignment – Reflective Essay Final Offer


This assignment is due Week Two by, Sunday 11:59, PST. See Grade Rubric Below

Submit the assignment as one Microsoft Word document (no other programs or documents accepted). One maximum submission.

Reflective Essay: 25 pts

The purpose of this academic reflective essay is to allow students to “reflect” on what they learned from watching the movie “Final Offer,” (See Week 1 Tab for the Movie Link). This is not an analysis of the movie or a summary of events, so please do not make that mistake. Students are to find 5 to 6 terms in Carrell and Heavrin’s (2013) Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, define and cite it as per APA 7th, and then describe the event in the film that it matches by 1) time stamping it, and 2) describing the scene and what was said in the film. Finally, students are to write what they learned from the term by tying the two concepts together. Repeat these steps for each point.

A note about Reflective Essays: Written in first person is a must, as the author (student) is reflecting on events, concepts, and theories they experience from their readings and the movie. Reflective essays are not a summary or commentary of the movie or book. Rather, they are a form of personally recalling images, thoughts, and feelings in moments of time: while reading the textbook and the condition that sparked a thought (during the movie) and the time of the . Superior academic written work has the right balance between summary of information (definition of terms, short examples and facts from the film) synthesized to make a point.

Grade Rubric 25-points total (As a reminder, this will be screened by Turnitin.com)

Style, Format & Grammar (/10 pts):

Written in first person, and Includes: short introduction, thesis sentence, main points, and a short summary.

Entire Paper Complies with APA 7th: Compliant student title page, reference page, and double-spaced (No abstract required).

Used correct APA 7th style level headings to organize work (See below for an APA 7th template and resources on how to use a title page and headings).

References must be used AND cited correctly as per APA7th in the typed text and on the Reference page.

Student writing contains coherent and fluid somatic message that demonstrates a sophisticated grasp of the course concepts in terms of sentence structure and vocabulary that does not distract from the author’s message. The work is focused, well organization, with a formal tone.

Avoided using quotations from the textbook, summarized sources to ensure the message fits the context of their paper.

Less than 3 spelling and/or syntax errors. Minus points thereafter.

Reflection/Content Work: (/15 pts)

In 4 to 5 pages not over 5.5 written pages, include at least 5 to 6 terms matched with events found in the Final Offer movie. The focus should be on negotiations tactics. One point may be outside of this area.

Summarized the concept from Carrell and Heavrin and cited in as Per APA 7th. No outside sources other than the film and textbook.

Described who, what where and what was said in the film and time stamped.

State how the term in Carrell and Heavrin relates to the concept found in the movie. For example, the scene in the movie where Owen receives feedback on how his pattern bargaining is going in the (minute 35.0). Define pattern bargaining, describe the scene, who said what. A student might say: I found in minute 35 of the movie that Owen was using pattern bargaining (describe what was said to lead you to believe it was pattern bargaining). Next, describe the relationship between the definition: For : I now realize that the UAW was using the pattern bargaining tactic because in the movie, Owen kept insisting that the UAW wanted the Canadian plant to have the same wage structure as several of the US unions who the UAW covered. I found this tactic was useful or maybe ineffective. If it was me, I might have done…. (See if you can describe terms, events and then reflect on your ideas of whether they were good or bad. It will be up to the student to decide how best to present their concepts.

Writing is clearly focused on appropriate audience; purpose of the essay is evident with supporting facts, sources, cited, examples and ideas. Avoided summarizing or making summarily assumptions on what occurred in the movie or textbook without supporting facts.

Submitted the work in Microsoft Word with the file named as: Lastname_HRM633a_ReflectiveEssay to avoid a 10-point penalty.

By naming your file, it helps the professor organize student’s work. Just think if every student started their file name with “reflective essay”. It would cause quite the problem for me.

No Late work.