The Economy or the Environment?

Aviation is a critical part of our national economy. It provides for the movement of people and goods throughout the world, enabling our economic growth. In the last 35 years, there has been a six-fold increase in the mobility provided by the U.S. air transportation system. At the same time, there has been a 60% improvement in aircraft fuel efficiency and a 95% reduction in the number of people impacted by aircraft noise. Despite this progress, and despite aviation’s relatively small environmental impact in the U.S., there is a compelling and urgent need to address the environmental effects of air transportation.

Thirty years ago, the environment was a footnote in most airport master plan documents. Today, it is a major component of every plan. As an airport planner and designer, you need to know why and understand the process. 

Discuss the relationship between an airport master plan and the environment. Post a persuasive argument supporting either the economy or the environment when planning an airport. Consider which is more important to an airport planner when creating a Master Plan or Dynamic Strategic Plan. Explain your position.

Wildlife and Airports

Over the past years, many aircraft accidents have been the result of wildlife accidents. Whether it is a bird strike, animals on the runway or taxiway, or other encroachments, the aircraft accident occurs. As a planner, it is most important for you to design or redesign an airport which minimizes wildlife accidents. For this assignment, watch:

You will see one obstruction is a dump three miles east of the airport. When you design your runways in Week 8, how will this obstruction affect your runway alignment? What are your concerns with this obstruction? Cite any regulations that will affect your runways. Prepare a minimum of a 2 page paper (not including the reference page) providing a summary of the video and addressing the concerns regarding obstructions.

Exploring International Aviation Business Opportunities

Discussion: Exporting Aviation

Use to identify an aviation component manufactured near you or identify an aviation product where you now work. Then use to complete the following three tasks.

1. Identify markets for your company’s products using Chapters 3 and 6.

2. Create an export plan by answering the eleven questions in Chapter 2.

3. Decide how to finance your export transactions using Chapter 15.

Exploring International Business Opportunities

Group Project: Strategic Initiatives for Entry into a Foreign Country

Your group will propose your aviation company’s strategic initiatives for entry into a foreign country, which should be persuasive as if proposing a new business opportunity to your company’s CEO and/or board of directors. Use Singapore Airlines and write an analysis of the foreign country for ‘opportunities’.