Week 2 Writing Assignment 1

Week 2 Writing Assignment 1

Do not get overwhelmed by the number of questions to answer. If you read through the questions, you will see that they can be answered with relative ease. But you do need to show me that you know what you are talking about! 

Please make sure to identify which part of the assignment you are working on. In other words, please structure you answer in a clear-cut format that makes reading and grading easy.

Your responses should be in essay format and reflect that you understand the concepts and can use them properly. Please make sure that you look at the writing assignment grading rubric posted under week two assignments.

You are to submit your assignment to the “Week 2 Writing Assignment 1 Assignment Folder.” 

Mead’s Stage Theory of Self-development. 

Using Mead’s ideas (read on Mead and Role Taking in his Stage Theory of Self Development in the text), offer a detailed explanation of how you came to understand your own sense of “self”. 

Explain whether or not Mead’s theory for how the Self develops makes sense to you. 

Using his theory, please offer an explanation for how it is that you transformed yourself as you moved from a Self with an emphasis on the “I” (as a baby and young child) to possessing a sense of Self that had a very strong “Me” (as a young and more mature adult) as we mature and experience more detailed social interaction with others?

Please offer some discussion about this progression (from the “I” to the “Me” and why this is important) when you discuss Mead…both the “I” and the “Me” are discussed in the passages in your textbook.

Remember, the key here is to link Mead’s theory to your own, personal development. Use specific examples from your own life to make connections with Mead’s theory and the terms used. When making your key points, use sociological terms and apply them to your own life as examples. 

Agents of Socialization. 

Using separate paragraphs, I would like for you to list the major agents of socialization (e.g., family, school, peers, and the media) and describe the kinds of impact and influence each had upon you as you developed into the person you are today. Again, please use separate paragraphs for each agent and some specific details (examples) about their importance (in both good and bad ways) to your own life. 

Which agents or agents do you feel left BOTH the biggest positive, and negative, marks upon you? Get specific with your responses.

As a parent (now, or in the future), what are a few of the most important life-lessons you will (or feel you will) want to pass on to your children? Explain.