Using the information you’ve learned. Define each key term as it relates to Hollywood Three Act Structure

Ordinary World: This is the beginning of the film. Where we meet our protagonist. This is where we see how and where they live in their ordinary life. Minute:____0-17____ We mostly see the clear and present danger of the Empire and we meet Darth Vader. At this point Luke is just a moisture farmer on Tatooine. He helps his Uncle pick two droids to help with harvest.
Catalyst: This disrupts our protagonist’s ordinary world. This event, thing, or person makes our protagonist think differently for the 1st time. Minute:___17-22_____ While cleaning the carbon scoring off R2-D2, a hologram message from Princess Leia appears. This makes Luke think of “Old Ben Kenobi” out past the dune sea.
Plot Point One: This is when our protagonist actively decides to go on their quest and leave their ordinary world behind. Minute:____40____ After learning a little about the Jedi, Luke returns to his home to see the burning corpses of his family. He peers out as the twin suns set and decides to seek revenge against the Empire.
Midpoint: This is the exact midpoint of the film. This is where our protagonist is in the “belly of the beast” and there is no going back. The point of no return. Minute:___65_____ “That’s no moon.” The Millennium Falcon is sucked into the Death Star via tractor beam. Our heroes are trapped inside the Empire’s space station.
Plot Point Two: This is our protagonist’s “lowest point.” Where they want to give up on everything they have accomplished so far. The quest is burdensome, and they think they cannot do it any longer. Minute:____93____ Luke watched his mentor, Obi-Wan, get cut down. He’s depressed and doesn’t know if he can continue his training.
Climax: This is our protagonist’s final battle with the antagonist. This is also the highest point of conflict and action within the film. Minute:____105____ The Death Star attack-run. X-Wings and Y-Wings blast TIE Fighters out of the sky as Red-% (Luke) blasts a proton torpedo (using the force) into a thermal exhaust port. Explosion.
Resolution: This is what happens after our protagonist battles the antagonist. Did they win? Did they lose? Did they grow or change? Minute:____115-120____ They did it! Hugs, medals, a ceremony. Chewie gets the last line. Queue John Williams score. The end.