The final research question you used for the annotated bibliography.

This discussion focuses on the academic outline and will help prepare you for this week’s Assignment, which is a paper based on your final question and research completed in Unit 4.

Your initial post must include the following:

· The final research question you used for the annotated bibliography.

· Under the research question, provide an academic-style (alphanumeric) outline for this unit’s assignment. You must have an introduction, conclusion, and at least three main topics, each with at least two subtopics. The formatting is explained in the reading. Do not use bullets.

· Write your outline as a regular post; do not attach your outline in document form.

· The 100-word minimum usually required of initial posts will not be required for this discussion as long as the guidelines above are met.

In responses to others, it would be appropriate to recommend additional sources or suggest changes, omissions, or additions, but do not actually rewrite/repost classmates’ outlines.

Important: Make sure you revisit your post for feedback from your professor and classmates. This will help in completing your assignment later in the unit.

Discussion parameters:

· Write your initial post in your own words; do not quote or copy from sources.

· Do not copy the questions into your post.

· Write an original descriptive subject line for your initial post.

· Write with formal, professional language.

· Work to meet all posting guidelines and expectations.