Technology in Healthcare Essay


The new move in the healthcare of adopting new technology like electronic health records has evolved in the medical field to facilitate many medical diagnostics and treatment advances.

Thesis statement: Technology in Healthcare

  1. Ways in which technology is advancing healthcare
  2. Electronic Health records.
  3. Telemedicine in healthcare
  4. Remote monitoring tools
  5. Genome sequencing
  6. Wearable technology
  7. Determining health records in patient outcomes.
  8. Implications of health records
  9. Professionalism
  10. Patients
  11. Environment
  12. Challenges in the healthcare facilities in the application of technology
  13. Risks associated with adopting new technology
  14. Opportunities accrued to the success of technology in healthcare.
  15. Importance of applying technology to increase the quality of services
  16. Essential areas that need urgent technological advancement
  17. Hospitals
  18. Clinics
  19. Public health clinic
  20.  Conclusion

Technology in healthcare is an improvement that would bring many benefits to the healthcare sector. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to adopt it to achieve quality outcomes.