Task summary

Task summary

You are required to implement organisational learning strategies.

This assessment is to be completed in the simulated work environment at Jumbucks Bush Retreat (with which you are familiar)


Access to learning materials Computer with Microsoft Office and internet access Email template Senior Management Brief Training Outline template Learning Strategy Report Template Performance Management Policy and Framework Recruitment, Selection Policy and Procedures Assessment Task 3F Training Delivery Assessment


Your assessor will advise you of the due date of these submissions.


RevisedRecruitment, Selection and InductionPolicy andProcedures. Revised PerformanceAppraisal Policy and Procedures Final Recruitment, Selection Policy and Procedure Final Performance Management Policy and Framework Developed training session for employees

Assessment criteria

For your performance to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment task, you must satisfactorily address all of the assessment criteria. If part of this task is not satisfactorily completed, you will be asked to complete further assessment to demonstrate competence.

Assessment Task 3 Instructions

Carefully Read the Following;

TheGeneral Manager and Owners of Jumbucks Bush Retreat have analysed and discussed your Organisational and decided to prioritise the following implementation measures.

TheGeneralManager haswritten a brief (theSeniorManagementBrief) that goes into more details on these measures.

The Senior Management brief for Jumbucks Bush retreat.

In a meeting with the General Manager, she has advised you of the 3Year Strategic Plan for Jumbuck Bush Retreat, which forecasts a substantial expansion. Having conducted the review of operations the Owners and management team have established the following strategic priorities, these are;

Strategic Priorities

1. Values

o Strong local o Demonstrate fairness in all dealings o Customers are the centre of our enterprise

1. Financial

o Grow the business from 3.0 million (2020 forecast) to 7.5 million turn-over in 2023 o Maintain current profitability ratios of 7% net profit on revenue o Embark on a $2.5 million capital expenditure program to support profitable growth o Explore Government Grants and Tourism support schemes

2. Marketing

o Increase the number of guests visiting Jumbucks o Increase the average guest expenditure per visit by expanding the range of services and products offered o Grow the conference centre and event market opportunity to increase utilisation of the conference centre

3. Operations

o Evaluate the benefit or otherwise of engaging external contractors to conduct the maintenance activities.

Evaluate the WHS requirements for the organisation and initiate corrective actions as required (this has been an area that has not received adequate attention in the past)

4. Human Resources

o Become an employer of choice in the area o Improve retention of staff by reducing staff turnover from 32% to 12% by the end of 2021 o Conduct initiatives to attract more local employment o Develop and multi-skill current staff and provide career development paths within the organisation o Ensure all staff have the correct qualifications and permits for the work that they undertake or may be required to undertake as a result of the multi-skilling initiative

5. Special Projects

o Develop stronger engagement and relationships with the local indigenous community

 Explore Partnering in bush Regeneration  Bushwalks  Bush Tucker

 Provide local employment opportunities for indigenous youth  Determine the availability of Government support for indigenous employment and training initiatives

Jumbucks Bush retreat is keen to provide employment and educational opportunities to local Indigenous community. They would like to know what opportunities exist to access government grants and support for indigenous related programs

Furthermore in exit interviews staff have expressed that they are unable to successfully complete studies at TAFE while working at Jumbucks because of the travel time and shift conflicts. Jumbucks would like to explore the opportunity to provide a classroom space in the conference centre where staff can access streamed lectures fromTAFEwhichwould enable programs to be run in partnership with TAFE. Initial discussions with the staff have received a positive

Complete the following activities:

Part A – Revise the Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedures.

Make changes to this document that reflect the research that you have conducted and the feedback that you have received from the General Manager in the Senior Management Brief.

Upload this version of the document as Revised Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedures.

Part B – Revise the Performance Appraisal Policy and Procedures.

Make changes to this document that reflect the research that you have conducted and the feedback that you have received from the General Manager.

Upload this version of the document as Revised Performance Management Policy and Procedures

Part C – Send an email to all management and staff (your assessor).

According to organisational policy, all management and staff are to be given the opportunity to provide feedback on any changes to company Policy and Procedures.

The text of theemail shouldbe ingrammatically correctEnglish,written in an appropriate, polite business style.

It should introduce and summarise the contents of the documents you prepared in Parts A and B.

The email text should ask them for their feedback on the documents. In particular, to send their feedback to the Administration Officer, who will collate the responses.

Upload your email ensuring that

Revised Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedure Revised Performance Management Policy and Framework

Have also been uploaded

Part D – Finalise the company Policies and Procedure.

This version of the documents should reflect the feedback that you have received.

Save these documents as:

Final Recruitment, Selection Policy and Procedure Final PerformanceAppraisal Policy and Procedure

Upload the final versions of these documents

Part E – Design and develop a training session on Customer Service.

As the first priority Jumbucks Bush Retreat has decided that one of the organisational learning strategies is teaching staff and people about Customer Service.

You are required to develop a training session that can be used for training the company’s employees.

It is felt that by developing their empathy and their approach to their own learning goals, staff will gain greater benefit from the changes that have been made to the company’s policies and procedures. It would help if you designed the presentation with this in mind.

Your training should be based on the Senior Management Brief, but you are also required to use the internet to source relevant learning resources. You should modify the information you find in these for use in the training as needed.

Referenceat least oneof these learning resources in your trainingdocument so you can be assessed on your ability to modify and use information that you have sourced yourself.

Youwill alsobe required touse these resources todevelop trainingaids such as a PowerPoint and/or handouts as well as an assessment quiz. This will also demonstrate that you have reviewed and modified the learning resources you identified as being suitable.

Use the Training Outline Template to guide your work.

Prior to the delivery of the training, provide your Customer Service training outline to your assessor and the supporting resources and assessment quiz that you have developed based on the learning resources you sourced.

Upload all material to Canvas including your Training Outline template.

Part F – Deliver training on customer service.

In this part of the assessment, you will be required to deliver your training session on Customer Service to the staff. Your assessor will organise 2 students in the role of staff to attend the training session.

Deliver the training using the session outline you have developed, as well as the training aids. Advise staff that you will also be providing them with an assessment for completion over the coming days.

During the training session, you are required to demonstrate effective communication skills including:

Speaking clearly and concisely using language and vocabulary that your audience can easily understand Using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding Asking questions to identify the required information Responding to questions as required Using active listening techniques to confirm understanding

Part G – Validate assessment methods and tools.

Review theCustomerServiceTraining in light ofwhat youhave learnedwhile developing the training.

Validate or reject the tool with a few sentences of explanation. You may suggest improvements to the document that would bring it in line with your expectations.

What worked well? What did not work so well? What improvements would you make?

Upload your validation document.

Part H – Send an email to The General Manager(your assessor)

The text of theemail shouldbe ingrammatically correctEnglish,written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

The email text should include the assessment tool validation/rejection that youwrote in thepreviousactivity. It should also introduceand summarise the contents of the validation document.

Upload your email.