Task 1 The International Business Environment

Task 1 The International Business Environment
What is the international business environment, who are the major players, and what forces are behind
its growth? In order to understand global business, work through the activities. You will then be
prepared to engage in case studies and activities to explore deeper.
Investigate the international business environment.
What impact has Apple had?
What is international business?
Who are the stakeholders in international business?
What are the world’s largest companies in the international environment?
Global inequity

When going international, companies today often research new locations as potential markets as well as
potential sites for operations.What specific benefits can companies gain from the globalization of
markets and production? Explain.
Opponents of globalization say that it has many negative consequences for jobs and wages, income
inequality, culture, sovereignty, and the environment.What are some positive outcomes of globalization
for each of these topics?