State the goal and which policies were used to attain 3 green stars for the goal, and

Module 5 Discussion

There are two parts to this discussion.  The first will be a general discussion about US foreign .  The second will focus on the US national budget.

Module 5 Discussion Question #1 – 

This is an “open” discussion regarding US foreign policy.  Please use a recent example (within the past month) of a world event and explain what you believe the US foreign policy should be in this specific example.  You must support your position by bringing in information learned in this class including but not limited to various actors or other agents who have power to affect this foreign policy.   You should properly cite any outside sources.  Your answer should be at least one full paragraph– 5-10 sentences.

Module 5 Discussion Question #2 – 

For this part of the discussion, you will complete a Budget Simulation.  You may play for as long as you like, but you should plan on spending AT LEAST two hours to finish this simulation.  

To start, please go the to first get an idea about this .

To set-up the simulation, click on Then click on start a New Game , give yourself a name, and click on Let’s Get Started. 

  1. To start playing, click on Choose My Own goals, then click the >arrow and read through all of the goals from which to choose. 
  2. You will need to choose 2 goals that are important to you (and then click Let’s Go).
  3. Next you will see several different sets of policies (i.e. In the News with 16 policies); click on the very bottom right arrow to see even more sets of policies.  Go into several of the sets and read many different policies;
    • As you go through the policies you need to choose policies which help to support your two goals (if a policy you choose helps with your goal, you will see a green star next to your goal; if a policy hurts your goals, you’ll see a red star).
    • Be sure that the policies you choose do NOT increase the debt (which is the picture of ship –do NOT sink it).  You may need to choose additional policies in order to better balance your debt.

To finish the simulation you need to

Earn at least 3 green checkmarks for both of your 2 goals AND

Ensure that you do not sink your ship but get to AT LEAST 80% toward your targeted debt limit.

Now to type this into our Module’s discussion.  

For each goal (2), you will create a separate paragraph.  In each paragraph you will

  1. State the goal and which policies were used to attain 3 green stars for the goal, and
  2.  Briefly explains why you chose this goal and its policies as they relate to your life or the life of people you know and

At the end of your discussion, include a statement as to  whether or not your reached your target debt limit (80% or higher) (i.e. I achieved 92% of my target debt limit).


For full credit

  • You must answer each question.  
  • Each of your answers should be written in at least one complete paragraph (so a minimum of 3 paragraphs).
  • You will not be able to come back and edit your answers so be sure to check for grammar and properly cite any sources outside of our lectures and our online textbook.   
  • Then come back and respond to at least two students (one with whom you disagree).
  • These must all be posted on time.

To do this start by answering each of the questions.  Click on Reply and type in your three paragraphs. This is known as your initial post. When you are satisfied with your answers, click on Post Reply. You MUST have your answers posted before you may look at any of your fellow students answers (i.e. blank initial posts are not allowed). This initial post is due  BEFORE NOON (12 PM – lunch time) on the due date.