Staff A New Medical Facility essay

Staff A New Medical Facility

The health care field has a diverse work force. After reading Chapter 6, imagine that you have the job of staffing a new medical facility offering the following :

a. Emergency care; b.Labor and delivery care; c. Pediatric care; d.General surgery

Include the type of health provider needed for each department and the salary range

required for each provider. Have some fun with this. Smile You can choose to make

the clinic small or large, profit or nonprofit, and you can choose the location.

Determine what salary and staffing needs may be, based on your about how

large the clinic will be and it’s location. Think about all the staff that may be

needed to support the clinic and the various departments. You can search the

internet for further information regarding salary requirements for the health care

workers that would staff this clinic. Include the following information:

Location: Geographical area (where is the medical facility)
Size: How many physicians are there for each department? Are there any other

providers? What are they? What are the salaries for each of these physicians and

Additional staff: What other staff are involved? What are their salaries?