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Assignment Please read the three documents posted under “REQUIRED READINGS” then apply the biopsychosocial model to one of the disorders listed below. You are required to clearly outline and describe the salient factors associated with the disorder you selected. Please submit your work (2 pages, double-spaced, with at least 4 supporting peer-reviewed references) as a Microsoft Word file. 1. Diabetes 2. HIV/AIDS 3. Hypertension 4. Bipolar disorder Due June 19th These are the comments the professor gave, so please read them. Thanks NOTE: For scientific writing, avoid the use of the first-person pronouns (I, we, etc.). In general, you have presented a clear and acceptable critique with attention to the key themes and concepts. Note that this was a cross-sectional study which reflects the participants’ perceptions at one point in time. No claims of cause and effect can be made. Additionally, the sample size (given the multiple subgroups/categories of healthcare providers) and type may limit the generalizability of these findings. The report that behavioral medicine is part of CAM has implications for training of physicians and other health practitioners, especially given the large and growing body of empirical data regarding the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions (see for example CBT – ). Behavioral medicine is most effective for the lifestyle-related and chronic noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, mild-moderate mood disorders, and substance use disorders. Another key theme from this article is the importance of focusing on the biopsychosocial model/concept of disease and wellness rather than the limited biomedical model, and this will be further addressed in module # 2. NOTE: Additional sources are required to support your analysis/critique, and these must be properly cited and referenced using the APA formats. Research paper on “Math in everyday life” Math in everyday life: write about how math is used in everyday transactions. Select five areas where math is used, then explain how it is used, and give specific numerical examples. Shopping examples might include quantity discounts, sales and tax. Finding the best cell phone deal by comparing fixed monthly charges and variable per-message charges. Investing, cooking, credit card or mortgage interest, temperature scales (Fahrenheit vs. Celsius) are other possibilities. Newspaper or magazine articles often use math to describe other topics. Planning a trip by comparing costs of auto vs. bus vs. train vs. plane and considering ticket price, gas cost, time spent, etc. Scheduling a project and considering: number of tasks, time for each task, can any tasks overlap, due date, etc. 1)Turn in your title, outline, and annotated bibliography listing each source you intend to use, following MLA format. The outline should help you plan a with proper introduction, body and conclusion. 2) A minimum of three reference sources is required; make sure that they are scholarly and cited properly in MLA format. Reports should be 4-5 pages typed double space in Word, with 12 point font and one-inch margins and borders. Follow MLA format with footnotes and bibliography to cite sources. Paraphrase and comment on the ideas of others, but don’t plagiarize. Do interact, respond, defend or disagree with the ideas you have researched. Explain any technical terms used in your own words. Any quotation used must be properly footnoted and its content explained. Your paper can not simply be one quotation after another; it must offer your own thoughts as well. Be prepared to defend what you have written