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In this evaluation I choose to handle a patient dealing with depression. I believe that this is an emotional state which is marked by low self-worth as well as guilt and a minimized ability to enjoy life. An individual that is depressed mainly experience a number of symptoms such as hopelessness, low self-esteem and the feelings of sadness.

Questions to measure the phenomenon

Some of the questions that I would use to measure this phenomenon include:

i.Have you experienced being suicidal? Responses to this question will enable mental health care experts to identify the complexity of depression.

ii.How would you describe your sleep? More sleep disturbance shows a great risk for depression.

iii. How would you describe your energy? Reduction in energy level are a common signs of depression, the more significant the lack of energy the higher the depression risk rating.

iv. Do you like staying indoors instead of going out and doing new things? The question aims at assessing isolation and withdrawal which are main signs of depression (Iliades, 2011).


Reliability refers to the consistency of a measuring test. Therefore reliability refers to how consistently a method measures something. In order to enhance reliability of the questions I will ask each question three time in different format. This may aid in enhancing reliability.


Validity refers to the measure of how a test measure that which it is supposed to measure. It is important for a test to be valid so as for the results to be accurately applied and analyzed. Validity of the question can be maintained by ensuring that the clients responds to the questions based on the condition being tested.

Measurement Plan

For my assessment I will make use of the Geriatric depression scale which is a self report measure of depression. This assessment will be administered orally to the clients. The scale contains items which have a high correlation with depressive symptoms. GDS is free to use and as well easy to use. However, it requires little training to administer Administering the study orally will aid in reducing bias of the information provided. However this method will require a lot of time (American Psychological Association, 2021).


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