Section 1: Low-Hanging Fruit for Better (Global) Health?

There are five sections in Chapter 3 (identified by the chapter heading as well as the ALL CAPITAL LETTER sub-headings). Section 1: Low-Hanging Fruit for Better (Global) Health? (USE THIS SECTION PLEASE) Section 2: THE HEALTH TRAP Section 3: WHY AREN’T THESE USED MORE? Section 4: UNDERSTANDING HEALTH-SEEKING BEHAVIOR Section 5: THE VIEW FROM OUR COUCH Please choose one of the above sections to create a discussion thread and label your thread accordingly. A complete discussion thread will have two clearly marked parts: 1) Issue, and 2) Description. In the “Issue” part, identity the main problem raised in that particular section of the chapter (please specify the page number(s) where the issue/example/story is highlighted in the book). In the “Description” part, describe the “Causes” (the key factors that contribute to the issue/problem); “Consequences” (the impacts of the issue/problem); and “Cures” (some of the solutions that can address the issue/problem). Once you post your thread, you will have to comment on at least one other student’s thread. Your comments can be an agreement or a disagreement focused on either the causes, consequences, or cures presented in the original post, and you should support your position with evidence. I expect you to put thought into their answers and attempt to contribute to the , i.e. “I agree” wouldn’t be considered an appropriate comment – you must elaborate and provide evidence/reference either from the course material or some other source. Although there are no strict standards in terms of length, content, etc., points will be awarded for the discussion posts based upon 1) evidence of reading, and 2) thoughtfulness in response.