Section 1: Analysis of the Company


1. Learning by Experience Team Project: In groups of 4 (self-enrolled in Canvas), will be required to identify a start (no more than 10 years of existence) to consult in their international marketing strategy. Students will be required to assess whether a company has the potential to engage its business on a global level (or not) and to provide recommendations about reaching those global objectives. Students should also choose a country and a product / service that is not currently found in the targeted country and devise a cultural analysis and marketing plan for the chosen country. Students will be required to focus their energy in three critical areas: analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Additional information and will be provided in class.

Section 1: Analysis of the Company

Students will be required to identify, collect information about both the internal (company, history, marketing mix-related elements) and external factors (i.e., sociological, cultural, technological, economic, environmental, political, demographic, and competitive) that influence the company of study. Particular attention will be paid to the sources and the type of information used to conduct the analysis. Therefore, it is of the outmost importance for students to identify references and gather information that is current, reliable and relevant. Students should also pay particular attention to the way in which the information is presented. Information should be presented in such a way that the reader can readily and easily understand (i.e., tables, figures). At the end this first section, students will propose a tentative model for global expansion. Specifically, this model should identify the key facets that will help move the company to reach its global objectives.

For the purpose of the assurance of learning, one (1) score will be administered for Section 1. The criteria for this score is the student’s ability to:

  • Survey the global marketing environment: For this first score, the instructor will assess the extent to which students are able to identify valid and current information from reliable sources such as, newspapers related to company marketing environment, current and potential market expansion and the company marketing mix;

Section 2: Synthesis

In this second section, students will assess how the information discussed and how the proposed global expansion with a special focus on the country/ies selected relates to and will impact marketing functions and processes within as well as across marketing functions, and how it will impact across the business functions in general.

Section 3: Evaluation for a Company to Expand Its Marketing Activities Globally

In this final section, each group will evaluate the extent to which the company of study has the potential to expand on a global level or to further expand its global objectives and provide recommendations. They will also have to defend that position and recommendations.

For the purpose of the Assurance of learning, three (3) scores will be administered for Section 3. The criteria for these scores are the student’s ability to:

(a) Appraise the outcomes of alternative marketing recommendations: For this score, the instructor will assess students’ ability to clearly indicate their position regarding whether the company should transition towards a global marketing program and to provide recommendation towards this global transition or provide modifications for later reconsideration towards this end;

(b) Justify recommendations: For the score, the instructor will evaluate the extent to which students are able to justify the transition toward a global marketing program (or not); and

(c) Assess for global context: Finally, for this last score, the instructor will assess the extent to which students are able to indicate new potential avenues for further global growth and consideration (MRKT LO3C).