Review 2.6.3 “The Alcoholic in the Workplace Case” on pages 33-37

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The Book Reading for the Assignments are Attached.


Discussion Question

Review 2.6.3 “The Alcoholic in the Workplace Case” on pages 33-37. Discuss what you would do if you were Frank’s supervisor? Make your point using what you have learned in this class up to this point. The goal of this discussion is to apply ethical concepts that have been learned thus far.


Complete Chapter 2, pages 27-31, sections 2.4 and 2.5 also read 2.6.3 “The Alcoholic in the ” at the end of the chapter from pages 33-37

                                                           INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK

Lesson 7 Discussion

Josephine is a 45-year-old, female who has been admitted to the hospital after her husband found her passed out in bed with an open medication bottle next to her. You receive a referral to meet with this patient for an assessment. You are advised that she been depressed for some time and has limited social supports.

Using the above vignette, please create a substantial discussion post considering the following question(s) in your post.

1) What type of assessment questions would you consider asking this client?

2) Are there any risk factors you would want to consider assessing?


Readings and Videos

Introduction to Social Work Textbook Read Chapter 4

Please review

Lishman, J., Yuill, C., Brannan, J., & Gibson, A. (2014). Social work: an introduction. (1 st ed.). New York: Sage Publishing.

Reviewing Suicide Prevention Skills:

Suicide Prevention:

Suicide Prevention is Every Social Worker’s Business:

Assessing for Depression in a Mental Health Appointment:


YMH Boston. (2013 May 22). Assessing for depression in a mental health appointment. . YouTube: Vignette 5 – Assessing for Depression in a Mental Health Appointment.

                                                         SOCIAL WELFARE & POLICY I

Lesson 4 Discussion A

On one page, discuss your views on the four types of public relief used throughout the state of New York during the early 1800s.  Are there any you would keep and use today? 

Lesson 4 Discussion B

On one page, discuss your views on the recommendations given by Yates on improving the early welfare system.  Are there any you would keep today or discard? 

Lesson 4 Discussion C

Give your viewpoints of Dorothea Lynde Dix.  Is there anyone today who you think is like her? 

                                                                   SOCIAL WELFARE & POLICY II

Lesson 7 Discussion

Lesson 7 Social Welfare 1980s-1990s

Discussion Guidelines: Your post should be approximately one page (250 words). 

In your opinion: Do you believe that our current welfare system hurts people in poverty, possibly enabling them to continue in their current state? How do you think others view this topic? If you have witnessed any negative interactions firsthand, please provide the example to the class.