Research Paper Draft

Research Paper Draft Instructions You are required to submit this assignment once and it must meet the to be graded. You may make two attempts if you choose. This will allow you to receive qualitative feedback that can help you improve your submission. .

For this assignment, you will need to submit:

· The first draft of your research paper, complete with properly-formatted parenthetical citations from at least four credible sources within the text. 

· The Works Cited page, which should be located at the end of your essay. The Works Cited page should be clearly labeled and follow MLA formatting requirements. 

You will need a good, comprehensive thesis statement that states your claim (what will you prove? Keep in mind that the purpose of this assignment is to support a claim, which means you must do more than merely inform the reader. You must take a stance on your topic and make/support claims that go beyond mere facts) and at least three supporting details (how will you prove your point?).

Format Requirements:

Remember to apply the concepts you’re learning in the course, including elements of grammar, punctuation, thesis development, and other skills. 

Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing with the following information:

· Your first and last name 

· Course Title (Composition I) 

· Assignment name (Research Paper) 

· Current Date

Page Layout:

· At least four credible  sources used and documented in MLA style

· Last name and page number in upper-right corner of each page as a header

· Double-spacing throughout

· Title, centered after heading (Title should be more creative than “n.”) 

· Standard font (Times New Roman or Calibri)

· 1” margins on all sides

· Save the file as .docx or .doc format

Length: This should be a minimum of 1250 words.

Underline your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.