Research demographics for your chosen community

2 papers 1.: demographics for your chosen community—the one in which your selected agency is located. Watch the Healthcare Demographics (video transcript) and Demographics Discussion (video transcript) videos before collecting data on demographics. Demographics typically include, but are not limited to, age, sex, race, average income, and educational level. Be sure to include the name of your community/town at the beginning of the demographics section! 2.Research health statistics for your chosen community: the top 5 causes of morbidity and the top 5 causes of mortality compared to state and national data. Then research the community’s values and beliefs (culture, community values and beliefs that may help a health promotion intervention–or may hinder it).

Write a brief overview of the vulnerable population being served by the agency you’ve chosen, including age/sex/race and most common health problems for this population. Choose two causes of morbidity and two causes of mortality among this population, and give two methods/solutions to decrease morbidity and mortality. (What helps and what hurts this population?) 4.Complete a Virtual Windshield Survey using the LWW (Lippincott) and then write a 300-word paper FIRST PAPER IS 2-3 PAGES SECOND PART IS 300 WORDS