Relation to Body Fat Distribution Discussion

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  • The title of the article you reviewed
  • The purpose of the assessment technique and why it has been developed
  • Description of the assessment technique used
  • The assessment domain(s) and class(es) it falls under (i.e. what is being measured)
  • The population in which it is being studied
  • Description of any measurement tools/equipment needed
  • The results of the study
  • The advantages and limitations of the technique
  • Compare and contrast the technique with at least two other well know/accepted assessment techniques within that Nutrition Assessment Domain – i.e. if the technique falls under Food and Nutrition Assessment History, food and nutrient intake – compare the new technique with 24-hour recall and 3-day food dairy.
  • Your recommendations – should this technique be used in practice? Why or why not?
  • Paper should be typed using Arial font size 10, double spaced, with normal margins. They should be 800-1200 words, about 3-4 pages. Include the full citation using AMA Manual of Style, 10th ed. format. Cite any additional books or articles that you use for comparing and contrasting techniques. Appropriate spelling, grammar and sentence structure are expected