PUBHLTH 195W UCLA Plant Based Food Protein Source Policy Analysis Paper

PUBHLTH 195W UCLA Plant Based Food Protein Source Policy Analysis Paper

I’m working on a health & medical report and need support to help me learn.

Hello, I have a short policy analysis draft. I am a current intern at a site called Married to Health in Orange County, California and I have to research a problem within my site. The problem is in the pdf attached (Policy Analysis Matrix.pdf). I have filled out and attached the Policy Analysis Matrix below but there are a few comments from my professor that need to be addressed for the draft I am writing. The comments are also attached with screenshots of what part of the matrix needed to be revised.

As for the actual draft:

The first draft will include:

  • Cover page
    • Must have: Title, your name, your practicum site, and the specific audience for the analysis.
    • The title must reference both the problem and the criteria for analysis.
      • Examples are here.
  • The body of the analysis (750-900 words) with the following subtitles:
    1. Background (subtitle)
      • Description of the broad problem
      • Description of current and previous efforts to address the problem
    2. Scope (subtitle)
      • Assessment of previous policy efforts
      • Significance of the problem
      • Why the need for analysis
    3. Problem Statement (subtitle)
      • Specific definition of the problem that will be analyzed in the paper
      • Describe the major stakeholders (Primary, Secondary, and Key)
      • Objectives and goals of solutions
      • Criteria to be used for recommendation
    4. Analysis of Alternatives (subtitle)
      • Description of three potential solutions
      • Compare possible outcomes, constraints, and feasibility of each
    5. Policy Recommendations (subtitle)
      • Choose one of the three options.
      • Describe why the chosen alternative is preferred based on the specific criteria from Problem Statement
      • Discuss potential implementation challenges or possible unwanted outcomes
    6. References (subtitle, separate page)
      • At least six sources, at least three must be academic. No sources older than 10 years.
      • Academic, journalistic, and original data collection are all possible
      • Must be in APA 7 format!