PSY 4051 LU Theories of Gender Development Identification Questions

PSY 4051 LU Theories of Gender Development Identification

Your task will be to debate different theories of gender development.

To do this, submit a transcript of a mock debate between two psychologists who have primary interest in gender development but belong to different schools of thought, and show the two viewpoints. The two should be between Freud’s Psychodynamic theory vs. Kohlberg’s Cognitive learning theory. Remember that social scientists love to talk about their subject; they rarely answer questions with yes/no answers. And they tend to interrupt each other to prove their point.

The transcript could look something like this:

Discussion Moderator introduces the speakers.

Audience Question:

Answer Dr. X: …

Answer Prof. Y: …

Interaction between scientists if warranted

Moderator will conclude a discussion with giving the of the theories discussed.

Be sure to have a minimum of 5 questions that are in the debate. The transcript should conclude with a brief reflection of your own take on the topic discussed.