Project Management; MGMT 640

Team Assignment 1

(Project Management; MGMT 640)

Develop a Project charter for a real or hypothetical project; (try to consider the elements of a project charter as discussed in class, like: project business case, project scope, key milestones,

assumptions and key constraints, a high-level budget, risks and potential issues, key stockholders,

etc). You can use any of the examples in class as a template for your project charter.

Develop a WBS and a RACI Matrix for your . (Show your WBS with a hierarchical


Groups will present the idea of their project, including project charter, WBS, and RACI Matrix,

in the next class (week 4). Each group should speak for 5 minutes. Groups can organize their

presentations such that either one or all members speak during their limited time.

Then, each group should send their report to a Turnitin drop-box on the moodle, by Monday,

May 10th, 11 pm. Students must prepare their according to the Report Writing Guide

posted on the course page.

Please remember that to have a fair assessment, each student should fill out the peer evaluation

form (available on the course page) and send it to me at the end of this term. This form shows me

how active you had been in your group.

Good luck!