Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management

· Project Charter (Not needed for the final )

· Just small introduction of the project (may be a paragraph or 2)

2. Project Scope Management

· Project Scope (use a summarized version from assignment)

3. Project Schedule Management

· A summary on how you and your project team will manage schedule

· Brief WBS (Nothing too elaborate, we will discuss this in class)

4. Project Cost Management

· Talk about funding, how would you receive funding

· Other topics might be elaborated during class

5. Project Quality Management

· How would you ensure quality – there are 2 ways of quality control – during project (audits, inspection etc.) and after project (warranty, guarantee, buybacks) – most expensive ones are recalls. Technically they are not the quality assurance part but recalls happen due to poor quality management. (Remind me to discuss more if needed)

6. Project Resource Management

· Resource breakdown (will talk about that in class)

7. Project Communications

· Communication Matrix

8. Project Risk Management

· Risk register

· Risk mitigation plan (combine the individual assignment)

9. Project Procurement Management

· Vendor Management – how are you obtaining materials? Who is checking the quality? What if there is a defect? How are you selecting the vendor (remember to mention RFP but be brief)? Are you using contractors? How are you managing contractor’s expectation? Who is checking quality and how? – Important – how are contractors/vendors signed off or relieved from the project.

10. Project Stakeholder Management

· Stakeholder register and a brief description

11. Project Closing

· Conclusion on how everything will tie together for your and how you expect for the sponsor to give you sign off

· Lesson learned – how would you gather those information

· Celebration