Principles of Marketing Essay

The scope or overall strategy of the value worth clothing company should be directed towards marketing and promotion the unique, high quality sports clothing products. Value worth clothing company deals with sports clothing as well as sport shoes, accessories, apparel and equipment. There is a need to invest in strategically to introduce new products as well as finding alternative means of sustaining already existing development (Palmatier, R. W., & Crecelius, A. T. 2019). The company works toward increasing sales through digital platforms and developing the company countrywide, selling more sport cloths to other sport center outside the area. Goal or objective for creating marketing strategy is to maintain existing , regain lost customers and creating new customers. Value worth clothing company targets sports companies, clubs and group as well as youth who are majority sports players’ adults and the children. Market competitors are small businesses who sell cheap sport equipment and clothing.

Value worth clothing market strategy

Social media strategy

Using social media to share contents, picture and videos, which will give the company a new or additional market place. The sites to be used are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram that will help in reaching targeted audience (which are youths and social sports clubs) and perhaps boost the sales. The reason for using social media is that 80% of our targeted customers, current customers and lost customers have at least one social media profile, which provides a better opportunity to reach the customers. However, social network will also help in brand recognition and inbound traffic.

Advertising strategy

In this case, the company will pay different brand ambassadors from platforms like Instagram to advertise the products. However, launching a television advert from local television channels due to the companies budged will also help achieve company’s objective, which is to increase company profit. However, marketing agents will be used for promoting products both the old and new launched products.

Retargeting marketing strategy

This will help identify individual who visited the site and bounced before completing conversion. Retargeting will help in gaining new customers since it will get value worth clothing brand in front of the customers who are interested in the products (& Chari, S. et al, 2019). This will increase marketing sales of the hence more sales and income.

Earned media and paid media strategy

Satisfied customers, blogs or brand fun advertisement of the brand will help attract more customers and it will cost the company nothing since it is a free advertising channel. This will create awareness to the targeted market and due to the trustworthy content; there will be an increase in sales. However, paid video ad, pop-up will also enable help reach the audiences that were unaware or never come cross to this brand and develop interest.

Conversational marketing strategy

Interactions with customers via live chats will help audience get the right information about the products since there will asking and answering the question about the brand. This also will encourage the development of clear communication between the customer and brand representative as well as understanding customers’ needs to improve on businesses. Moreover, this creates awareness to older customers who are not in social media.

Marketing strategies plan outlines the moves that will help the company achieve its marketing objective (making profits through maximizing digital platforms and increasing sales) and market target both current and future targets.


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