Prepare an evaluation of your potential academic skill sets to be gained through the MHA program

Using Word, prepare an evaluation of your potential academic skill sets to be gained through the MHA in a minimum of 500 words. Please review your Safe Assign Plagiarism report. Do not use quotes. Copying and pasting quotes does not allow you to learn the material. Write information in your own words.

Access and complete the ACHE Self-Assessment in order to identify your competence level with various health care concepts and tasks.

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the skill sets required for your current position and a position you would like to attain.

Describe your current position and the position to which you aspire.

List the skill sets required for these positions.

Explore the courses you will be taking within the MHA program.

Choose 3 courses that you believe will provide additional skill sets to help you be more successful in your current position as well as prepare you for your desired position.

Describe how you believe those courses will help you add those skill sets to help perform more successfully in your current position and prepare you for a position with more responsibility.

Submit your assignment. No need to write this in APA formatting. You can type directly into the textbox with your assignment. Or if you prefer to type your into a word document, that is fine (upload it).

List of my next few classes:

Adaptive Leadership I

Adaptive II

Organizational Dynamics in Health Care Systems V

Personal Legacy and Investment in the Future of Health Care

Strategic Relationships

Transformation and Execution

Visioning the Future: Creating Industry Trends in the Health Sector