Personal/Professional Philosophy Statement Essay

I need a Philosophy statement that will go into my portfolio. My major is Human Services w/ a concentration in gerontology. Psychoanalytic and humanistic theoretical approaches best describe my personality.

PSYC 301 George Mason University Therapy and Anxiety Reduction Questions


I have attached the final paper below, but my professor needs me to make a presentation on the , these are the questions that i need to answer in the presentation, use the paper below and answer these questions on Word Document and i will make the presentation. Thanks

1. A brief overview of a research question or a hypothesis, including all of the following.

1.1. your own motivation (Why are you interested? Why is it an important question from psychological, societal public health, or any other stand points?),

1.2. theoretical justification (What do existing theories suggest about this question/problem?)

1.3. empirical justification (What evidence has prior research shown for this question/problem? Are their particular gaps in our empirical knowledge?).

1.4. Make sure to state your research and identify predictors and outcome in a correlational design or manipulated and measured variables in an experimental design.

2. What research design and methods you propose to use to address your research question? Please make sure to address each of the following.

2.1.what research design you propose to use (Experimental, quasi-experimental, small ndesign, cross-sectional correlational or longitudinal correlational resaerch design)

2.2. how you plan to measure your variables (self-report, observational, )

2.3.What statistical analyses you propose to conduct in order to examine your research question.

4. What your anticipated findings would be and how this information will advance the knowledge in the psychological field