Part One: Identifications

Part One: Identifications (10 points each; 200 points total)

This section requires you to write short answers to each identification . There are 20 identification questions worth 10 points each for 200 points total. Each answer must address who, what, when, where, and why in the identification.

Each answer should be no more than one paragraph in length (roughly 5-6 sentences or 150-200 words), double-spaced with 1-inch margins using 12- point Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman font. You are not required to include citations. Each answer must:

· Identify the individual named, author, event, and other key individuals and groups (2 points)

· Discuss what the identification term or name is about (2 points)

· Describe when it occurred (1 point)

· Describe where it occurred (1 point)

· Explain why the individual, group, or event is significant for understanding (4 points)

Listed below are twenty identification terms you will need to answer in Part One of the exam. You must answer all twenty terms to receive full credit. DO NOT copy and paste language from classroom resources or any other source. This is an act of plagiarism and is a violation of the academic integrity pledge you signed in Week 1.

The twenty identification terms are drawn from Weeks 1-4 of the AASP 201 classroom resources. Please use your class readings first to answer the terms before resorting to outside sources.

1. Charles Hamilton Houston

2. Dred Scott

3. Talented Tenth

4. Freedmen’s Bureau

5. Fountain Hughes

6. Jezebel

7. Southern Horrors

8. Frederick Douglass

9. “Forty acres and a mule”

10. Great Migration

11. Tragic Mulatto

12. Middle Passage

13. Booker T. Washington

14. Jim Crow

15. Harlem Renaissance

16. Plessy v. Ferguson

17. Kate Dudley Baumont

18. William Green

19. The Birth of a Nation

20. Zora Neale Hurston