Part III- Middle Adults to Older Adults

Part III- Middle Adults to Older Adults

In this section of the assignment, select a common (For example, alcoholism, divorce, substance abuse, stress, depression…) among Middle to Older Adults life stage. 

Address the following in your research paper (1,000-1,250 words):

Using research you conducted, describe the significant impact of the in society and individually. Include the following in your paper:

Thesis-the statement that guided your research and informs your paper.

Workplace- how does this mental health issue affect this environment? Explain the importance of workplace prevention efforts for employees dealing with the selected mental issue.

Family– how does the mental health issue impact the family structure? Explain the importance of risk and protective factors within prevention efforts concerning partner violence.

Culture and subculture– how do culture and subculture belief systems affect approaches to prevention of this mental health issue?

Community– How does this mental health issue impact the community? Describe some community prevention efforts developed to assist those dealing with this mental health issue. 

Lastly, evaluate the community prevention efforts you presented. How have they been effective?  What Christian based prevention efforts exist? Provide recommendations for improvement of prevention efforts. 

Conclusion- provide a summary of the mental health issue that middle to older adults deal with, existing prevention efforts, and recommendations you provided. 

Bibliography- Include the annotated bibliography you completed for this . 

Explanation & Answer length: 1250 Words