Parent and Family Engagement Advocacy Event Plan essay

As a teacher, plan and develop a family event that focuses on specific content from a teaching or domain (academic, personal/social, college/career). In addition to the content that will be covered, include what should be considered when preparing for, organizing, and hosting a event involving families.

This is a plan that you will design. Do not use an event that is already used at your school such as an Open House or a Back to School Night.

Create a plan that includes the following elements: (See Rubric)

Event Plan
A Timeline
Facility/technology needs
Staffing needs
Family communication
Assessment of Event
An assessment you will use at the end of the event to determine its effectiveness
Content Shared with Families
As part of your , include any content that will be shared with family participants and tools you will use to communicate this event to your families
This project should be written as if you were going to implement it during the school year.

You need to include a minimum of three in-text citations to provide evidence and support of your event.