PACE organization SWOT Analysis

PACE organization SWOT Analysis

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The main services that are promoted by the PACE organization which is located in the greater New Orleans area include in-home care, rehabilitation programs, senior nutritional counseling, pastoral care, nursing care as well as free transportation to and from their areas of residence plus so much more. The organization gives each participant the opportunity to form connections as well as have all their healthcare needs met in a single location with a holistic care plan that is especially designed for them.

As to how the services that are provided by this organization can be grouped, one can observe that as per the SWOT analysis which analyzes a person’s or organizations, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, the PACE organization also falls in the category of organizations whose can be analyzed and categorized using this system.

First of all, the Strengths of the PACE organization include transportation to and from their centers, whereby the organization has sufficient transports resources such as buses and company vehicles to ferry its participants. Another strength of the organization is the quality of medical staff, that is, the physicians as well as the nursing staff who are all well qualified for their jobs and finally there is the pastoral care who assist their participants when it comes to all matters that are spiritual in one way or the other (Pace GNO, 2021).

When it comes to the weaknesses of the organization, first, there is a slight shortage of personnel since the organization has had a good reputation which has made it acquire a huge increase in the number of participants hence the participant to personnel ratio is a bit off, there has also been a weakness in the hospitalization and nursing home care department and lastly there has been a weakness in the continence management area.

As to the opportunities that the organization face, there are angel investors who have been looking into the organization and how it has been running its operations and they would like to donate to the organizations cause. Secondly, the organization is able to bring together a proper caregiving community within the organization to take proper care of the elderly. The jobs that are given to the caregivers, physicians and other personnel members are really a good for the organization to give back to the community.

The threats affecting the organization include the certification of the organization’s facility by the state which is often a problem, especially when it is time for renewal, its services are also not accessible for all members but for only those members that are eligible and in conclusion, there is the fact that the organization also engages in other programs that often bring about an overload of activities which serves as a threat to the organization’s operations.


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