Operant Conditioning Examples

Directions: You are to identify each as involving one of the four types of operant conditioning: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment (just number 1-8 and label each one as involving one of those four). 

1. Reed says a curse work so his mother washes out his mouth with soap; as a result, he has stopped cursing.

2. Ross was caught parking illegally in a handicap spot without a permit. As a result he received a ticket and was required to pay a fine. Ross no longer parks illegally.

3. Jenna wore a new dress to work and received numerous compliments from her co-workers. As a result, Jenna has gone out and purchased several new dresses that she can wear to work.

4. Debbie always makes sure to buckle her seat belt when getting in the car. She can’t stand listening to the beeping sound when she has forgotten to do so.

5. Kenny was given a standing ovation for a speech that he gave in class. He was very enthusiastic in his presentation. As a result, he can’t wait to given another speech and plans to use enthusiasm again to hook his audience.

6. Lorena was caught texting her boyfriend late at night when she was supposed to be sleeping. As a result, her father took away her cell phone for a month. Lorena begs him to get it back and swears she will no longer text past 9pm in the future. Her father gives in. [there can be two answers since there are two separate behaviors]

7. Ethan was caught coloring on the wall rather than on the OperantConditioningExamples. As a result, the teacher made him clean all the classroom walls. Ethan promises to never do it again.

8. Victor makes sure to bring his girlfriend flowers every time he goes to visit her. If he does not, she will nag him that he is not a good boyfriend and doesn’t care for her.