NURS 4330 Evidence based Practice Project Essay

NURS 4330 Evidence based Practice Project

NURS 4330
Evidence based Practice Project
Introduction (GROUP)
• Identify a nursing problem or a clinical issue.
• Discuss the significance of the problem with supporting evidence and data.
Critical Review of Literature (INDIVIDUAL)
• Each group member will critique one article. The article needs to be an original
article with data and NOT systematic review or meta-analysis. In your paper,
you can identify the section as ‘of the Literature’ and put the
student’s name who is contributing the article as a subheading. Each student
will receive an individual grade for this part.
• Discuss your literature review process (e.g., how did you find the information?
What search engine; what key words?)
Please consider the following items in this section:
• What is the research purpose or question being addressed in the research?
• Is there a theoretical/conceptual framework? (Often, there is no framework in
an article; just state that there is no framework included in this study).
• Describe the research design. Identify the elements including the independent
variable, dependent variable, and covariates. Please be specific.
• Describe/critique the sample/ sampling strategy
• Identify/describe data collection methods. Critique appropriateness of
method/tool/measurement, etc.
• Results of the study/findings;
• Limitations of the study;
• Generalizable to other populations? Why or why not?
Compare and Contrast (GROUP)
• Compare and contrast each element of the studies for your whole group. For
example, were all the studies experimental designs or were several different
designs used? What were the strength or weakness of one type of design over
• Consider a comparison/contrast for at least the following:
o Appropriate theoretical/conceptual if there is one;
o Specific study design. What were they and which had the strongest and
most rigorous design? Why?
o Sampling strategies used in different studies. How were the samples
o Data collection strategy.
Research Proposal (GROUP)
• Identify the research proposal for this . This includes:
o What Research problem/question is suggested for further investigation
o Potential research design for this proposal.
o How would you obtain the sample and complete data collection?
o What issues do you anticipate in operationalizing this study?
60NURS 4330
Evidence based Practice Project
Your project should be no more than 20 pages excluding title page, reference, appendix,
and peer evaluation. One submission per group via Blackboard, due March 24, 11:59pm CST.
Please double-space your work and include a cover-page, a title, and page number. You
are encouraged to use subtitles in your paper to make organization of your paper clearer. If
two/three students work together, please include the following sentence on your cover page “XX,
XX and XX contributed equally to the paper.” Please attach your peer evaluation at the end of the
assignment or email it individually to Song Ge. Faculty reserves the right to grade students in the
same group differently based on members’ peer evaluation. You can make an appointment with
the UHD writing center to grammatically revise your paper before submission. You can
seek help from HCC librarian on APA and looking up online references.
Peer Evaluation Template
Instruction: Please indicate the degree to which your peer participated in the evidence-
based practice project. This may include the following activities: Attending group meetings,
collecting data from communities, coming up with the paper, etc. Peer evaluations will be used
to determine individual differences in grading students from the same group. Students who
consistently receive low evaluations from peers may receive a lower grade than other members
in the group.
Name of Peer Degree of Participation
Low High
1 2 3 4 5
o What theoretical framework/conceptual framework or model?
o Discuss your rationale for the proposal or recommendations. WHY are
you suggesting this? How would you apply this research to professional
nursing practice today?
APA/Writing/Grammar (GROUP)
• Your group’s paper must adhere to proper APA formatting and include
proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.
Total 200