NSG 4076 Holistic Professional Nursing ESSAY

NSG 4076 Holistic Professional Nursing

CAPSTONE COMMUNITY PROJECT Prevention/Promotion of (insert your topic)

South University RN to BSN Program

NSG 4076 Holistic Professional Nursing

Group #: Team Members

Directions for the slides- delete this slide after you complete the project

Slides should have bullet points with phrases

NO FULL SENTECES; it is not a paper, phrases only

Do not change the slide headings

Citation placements: bottom right corner

Delete instructions on the slides and fill in required information

Make notes in note pages below slides for the content

Slides should have pictures, graphics, color, shapes, transitions, photos, videos, etc. See “Quality” section of the rubric

Topic Overview

Provide a broad introduction to your topic using statistics, prevalence, and facts

Describe how it affects population of interest

(Insert citations here: see handouts under APA module in Content)

Healthy People 2020 Framework for Building the Community Project

Healthy People 2020 overview

List your topic, i.e.,

List the HP objectives that apply to your topic, including the letter and numerical prefixes, i.e.,

Example of citation (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [ODPHP], 2018)

Introducing MAPIT framework

Describe the MAPIT framework

Insert MAPIT picture

(ODPHP, 2018)

MAPIT Mobilize: Project Goals

Describes the broad goal of the group project

This should be one sentence: The goal of the project is to…..

Insert the goal into the shape

Make it colorful

For example: Increase immunizations in adult population

MAPIT Mobilize: Strategies

Articulate YOUR strategies towards getting your project going

How did you get started?

What were your first steps in developing the project?

What did you do to mobilize and start?

Be specific and list your actions, brainstorming ideas, meetings, research, etc.

MAPIT Mobilize: Opportunities and Barriers


List what you consider is your opportunities to develop and implement your project

For example: relevant topic, receptive community, popular topic, much needed education, cultural stereotypes, community need, etc.


What barriers are you foreseeing?

What interferes with your plans?

Consider: Personal and population barriers

MAPIT Mobilize: Partners and Stakeholders

Lists potential partners and stakeholders

List planned potential interactions and meetings

MAPIT Assess: Community Health Assessment

You are now in the Assessment phase

List your community: geographical area where your population is located

MAPIT Assess: Community Assessment

This slide should include community data from the

Insert a screen shot of community statistics: for example,

Use additional sildes to add more statistics

Report general statistics on the community, demographics, crime, income, gender, etc.

(Insert citation for the content)

MAPIT Assess: Community Assessment

This slide should include community data from the


(Insert citation for the content)

MAPIT Assess: Community Health Assessment National

Provides national statistical data on the your project topic

Include graphs, charts, tables, etc

This slide should include data from the CDC and other sources


You may find State data for the next slide as well

(Insert citation for the content)

MAPIT Assess: Community Health Assessment State

Provides state statistical data on the your project topic

Include graphs, charts, tables, etc

(Insert citation for the content)

MAPIT Assess: Community Health Assessment Local

Provides local (county) statistical data on the topic

Use and other sources

(Insert citation for the content)

MAPIT Assess: Windshield Survey

Refer to the handouts on Windshield survey posted in the Content area in Brightspace

Conduct a Windshield survey

Insert photos of the windshield survey

Use additional slides

MAPIT Assess: Affected Population

Report statistics on the population of your community that are related to your topic

Describe your audience

MAPIT Assess: Community Needs and Resources


What does the community need in relation to your topic?

List what you think would be nice to have in the community that promotes your topic


What does the community have in relation to your topic?

Are there any resources available in the community in relation to your topic? List them if any.

MAPIT Plan: Project Goal-teaching/education session

You are now in Planning phase

You had an idea when you mobilized, you assessed your community, now is the time to narrow your broad goal (slide 7 -mobilization phase), into something more specific geared towards your teaching/education session

This slide should include one sentence: your teaching/education session goal

For example: Increase the immunization rate for the pneumococcal pneumonia and seasonal flu vaccinations in the adult Haitian population.

MAPIT Plan: Learning Objectives – SMART

Review the SMART learning objectives module under Content in Brightspace

Read the handout and use the worksheet to write your teaching session specific objectives (mandatory)

Look at your teaching/education session goal (previous slide). What content should you cover to meet this goal? Reflect on what is it important to include in your teaching presentation so the audience will learn the content and meet your goal.

Write 3-4 SMART learning objectives and list them in this slide

I will give you example of one….

At the end of a teaching session, the participants will state three benefits of getting vaccinated with pneumococcal and flu vaccines.

MAPIT Plan: Teaching Strategies

List a catchy title for your presentation

Think back to your NSG4028 Concepts of Teaching and Learning class. You have done a teaching plan. This is what it is. You are now presenting your teaching plan.

Do not list the content that you will be presenting to you audience

List the teaching strategies that you are planning to incorporate in your teaching session

MAPIT Plan: Instructional Materials

List the instructional materials that you are planning to use to teach your audience

MAPIT Plan: Time Frame

Provide a time frame for the teaching session

Plan for 60 minutes

Break it down and list the activities that you are planning to incorporate and how much time each activity will take

Insert a table

MAPIT Plan: Evaluation and Tracking

You are still in the planning phase; do not get confused

How will you assess that the audience learned?

What are the strategies that you know that will help you with learners knowledge assessment? (Refer to the Teaching and Learning class – you have covered that content)

You will have to evaluate what the audience knew before your teaching session and what the audience know after.

The best way is to do a pre-post questionnaire; however it will only work with adult audience but will not with children or seniors. So be creative and suggest some other assessment.

Keep in mind your SMART learning objectives: that is the knowledge that you are assessing

Did the audience acquire the knowledge that you set up for them in your SMART objectives?

Develop a pre-post questionnaire reflecting your SMART learning objectives

Take a screenshot of the questionnaire and insert it into this slide

MAPIT Implement: Logistics

You are now in the Implementation phase

You have implemented your teaching session

List project logistics (place, date, time, town)

MAPIT Implement: Participants

List the participants

How many?

Describe the audience

MAPIT Implement: Interactions

Summarizes key interactions

Insert pictures/short video of presentation

When presenting this slide, please mention that the pics were taken with participant consent

MAPIT Implement: Outcomes: Learning objectives

Evaluates the goal of the project and SMART learning objectives

State that the Goal Met! ( or partially met, or not met)

State if the participants met the SMART learning objectives

MAPIT Tracking: Feedback Results

What was used to track results? (questionnaire? )

Present the data using graphs, pie charts, etc.

See next few slides for an example

Create a chart of your results (bar chart, pie chart, etc.)

Use Power Point tab (Insert – Chart)

Change chart title

Delete D column

Delete line 5 if only have 3 questions

Rename lines 2, 3, 4

Rename column B, C

Insert your data

As you are editing your table,

the graph will automatically adjust

MAPIT Tracking: Future Suggestions

Suggestions for the future

Project improvement suggestions

Revisions for future implementation

What could be done better if you had to implement this project again?


Short summary of the project


Only the references that a re listed in your slide citations should be present here

Review the handouts under APA module in the Content area

There are examples of how to correctly reference and cite Healthy People 2020, CDC, websites, etc.