NR 394 transcultural nursing Essays

Welcome to the first assignment video for NR 394 transcultural nursing. This video is about the week three assignment course projects part one. This assignment is due Sunday at the end of week three by 11:59 PM Mountain Time. You can see that I have the course project Part One guidelines pulled up on the screen.

You can find these guidelines by selecting week three, application an d practice, week three assignment, course project part one selection of topic. For week three, you have or will complete the week three Part One check in. Remember, this is instead of discussion for the week. Please make sure to use the feedback from your professor to complete and guide your part one or the selection of the topic assignment.

Feel free to work closely with your professor. They can guide you on any questions you might have. You will use the required template for this assignment. Remember that the purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to apply concepts and transcultural, culturally competent nursing care through the lifespan.

In part one, you will choose a specific culture or ethnic population, provide rationale for choosing this population, description of the needs within your area, clinical practice or community and connect this chosen cultural population to a leading health indicator from Healthy People. You will then go on to describe the health issue and the potential clinical impact.

[BLANK_AUDIO] This assignment should be beneficial to you whether in your clinical practice or community setting. Many students discuss a need for more education on culturally competent care within their organizations. This is really an opportunity for you to consider your personal practice or community. Who are you caring for? What are the needs within your community?

What are the specific needs of a specific cultural or ethnic group within your sphere of the world. Application of knowledge is the key, take some time to reflect and consider the needs of patients in your area of the world. This will be an opportunity for you to learn. You might be able to even have the opportunity to present your to your colleagues, community, or even mandatory work meeting or conference in the future, that would be exciting.

Here are a couple of other considerations. Reflect on your current clinical practice, area, or community. What are the cultural or ethnic needs within your area? The focus in your area of the world that’s the key, not your state, your country or an international perspective. Once you were thinking about a specific culture or ethnic group within your community, review the leading healthy indicator priorities from Healthy People year, 2030.

You’ll use the most relevant one, make sure to cite sources in APA format. So first of all, make sure to not use my example remember each assignment for this course will be specific to you, the nurse, or a community members. Remember to follow academic integrity guidelines and policies closely for all assignments.

[BLANK_AUDIO] So here’s one example, in my community there’s a significant population of tribal members from the Salish and Kootenai tribes because I live on tribal lands. There are various health issues within my community. One that I would like to focus on is the quantity of individuals in my community that smoke.

We know that smoking is very bad for our health on many levels, both acute and chronically. Increase smoking can affect morbidity and mortality of patients. And connecting with a Healthy People leading health indicator I see the current issue is increased cigarette smoking in tribal members. Please use the most recent Healthy People resource.

When this video is being recorded we are still waiting for Healthy People 2030 to come out. So I would use my above example and go through each section of this assignment closely and with depth to make sure to meet the guidelines for each aspect of this assignment based on the rubric.

This concludes the course project Part One helpful hints. I hope you have found this recording to be beneficial. Please be sure to contact your instructor with any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for and have a great day.