Note what helped you decide (Preference) to pick a particular food.

Create a Word “table” to include the following columns (see examples in attachment) Note what helped you decide (Preference) to pick a particular food. Some examples could be convenience, taste, familiarity, time, cost, or other reasons. Look up the calories for each food and remember to calculate by volume. (Total each meal, then total each day) You will need to expand the table as you work through the 7 days. After you have completed the 7 days of data collection, answer the following , save your table and answers in a word document, then upload your assignment. Do you see any patterns in the food types that you choose? Do you eat any one type of food type more than others? How could you adjust your diet, such that you can include more whole foods or enriched foods? Do you see any problems pertaining to your health based on your current diet?

I will accept this assignment only as a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or PDF file. A link to a document (e.g. Google Docs) will not be accepted. If you are using Google Docs or Google Sheets, please submit your assignment as a PDF (there should be an option to “print to PDF” or “save as PDF”). Your food diary must include a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You may use MyFitnessPal; Lose It!; Nutritionix or another app with a food nutrient database to track your caloric intake. Screenshots are an acceptable alternative to the above table, but do not replace the preferences column. Please write a paragraph detailing your food preferences if you decide to include screenshots of your food intake. If not using an app with a food nutrient database to track caloric intake, you may use to find caloric values for foods you eat during the 7 days you are recording your food intake if the food you are eating does not have a nutrition facts label. If you are not able to find a food that you eat in, please do your best to find a food that closely resembles the food that you eat and use that food’s caloric value. When answering the 4 questions about your 7-day food record, please place your answers below each question; this is not a formal paper.