Needs Assessment (2-3 pages)

Assignment Guidelines

  1. Needs Assessment (2-3 pages)
    1. Introduction: A general overview of the main idea of the project and its importance. Be sure to include the target population and approximately how many people will be served.
    2. Problem statement: Concise and clearly articulates the depth of the problem and why it is a concern.
    3. Purpose statement: Limit to one or two key areas as to what the will involve and what it will accomplish.
    4. Program goals and objectives
      1. Goals are clear and concise statements as to what will be accomplished.
      2. Objectives are specific outcomes of the program that can be evaluated.
  2. Review of Literature: (2-3 pages). 5 articles (minimum of 2 websites) published with the last five years drawing upon research, local and national data, or government statistics to summarize:
    1. Epidemiologic facts and statistics related to:
      1. Person, Place, and Time.
    2. Significance of the disease or condition and its impact on the health of the .
  3. Epidemiologic framework (epidemiological triangle, web of causation, ecological model) depicting specific risk factors of disease or condition (2-3 pages). Special consideration will be given to applicants that provide a graphic illustration.