My Personal Interest in Southeast Asia

My Personal Interest in Southeast Asia

Your first writing assignment is to write a short personal statement about yourself and your interest in Southeast Asia. What prompted you to enroll in Geography 313? What topics interest you the most? Physical

environment? Cultural issues? Political and economic activities? Be specific yet be . Tell me what you know

about any of the countries in Southeast Asia. This is essentially a two-page assignment. Your paper should be at

least 1,000 words in length. Do not cite outside materials for your paper.

Please format your in the following manner:

 Ink color – black

 Margins – 1” all sides

 Font – Times New Roman

 Font size – 10 point

 Line spacing – double

 Paragraph indent – 0.5 inches

 Running header left – your name

 Running header center – paper title

 Running header right – date

 Page numbers – centered at bottom

 Word count – enter at the end of your

document (Word Count = xxxx)

Begin your paper at the top of the first page. This paper is due on February 4 and is worth 20 points.

Please submit a copy in Microsoft Word (.docx format) in the Dropbox on Beachboard by 11:59 P.M. that