Movie Reflection #1  Life of Pi (Director: Ang Lee)

Movie Reflection #1  Life of Pi (Director: Ang Lee)


As learnt in the first class, allegories, parables, and fables are the language of religion. Life of Pi is a movie that connects deeply with religions with both plain narratives and symbolic metaphors. 

-Did the story make you believe in God? Did it inspire real faith?

Please write a ( minimum 900 words ) reflection paper in that demonstrates your personal understanding of 

-how this movie tries to teach its audience of religion and your feeling about it.

– The theme is not restricted to Christianity. Any religious, pantheism, or atheism perspective is welcomed.

– Your own thinking is valued for this paper. Copying from other is both unnecessary and will cause you to receive a 0% if such behaviour is discovered.

– There’s no need to repeat the entire plot.

*References should follow the APA 6th or APA 7th edition