“Measuring a Society’s Progress” from the sociology textbook, Sociology

Writing Assignment For Unit 5, you will read Chapter 5, “Measuring a Society’s Progress” from the sociology textbook, Sociology—A Global Perspective and then a multi-paragraph definition essay that presents your personal definition of happiness as well as discussing whether you have achieved your definition. The assignment will require the following paragraphs:

• An introduction paragraph that opens with an attention grabber, follows with context, and concludes with a well-developed thesis sentence (Thesis statement = claim + reasons)

• Two body paragraphs that elaborate on the criteria listed in thesis • One body paragraph that answers the question: have you met your personal definition

of happiness? Explain how you have or have not met your definition of happiness in this paragraph

• Use the MEAL plan to build the body paragraphs:

Main Idea Analysis Lead-out

• Conclusion paragraph that provides a sense of closure on the issue and speaks to the issue in a more global manner.

This paper focuses on your personal definition of happiness, so it is acceptable to use first person pronouns.

This paper will require that it be formatted to standards, and a template is provided in this unit.