Managing students at work

Chapter 7: Managing students at work DUE DATE 16

  1. Individually or in teams, describe what you would do to control at least two of the following: tattling, procrastination, messiness, irresponsibility, cheating, lying or stealing, swearing, temper tantrums, or bullying.
  2. Discuss the best ways to get students’ attention
  3. Agree or disagree with the statement: teachers of young children should arrange activities to keep children quiet and still for approximately 45 minutes at a time.
  4. What are some purposes of assigning students homework?


Chapter 8: Managing special groups

  1. How do you see speech differences associated with cultural backgrounds and regional dialects? Are these differences considered to be communication disorders?
  2. Discuss the importance of using Response to Intervention (RTI) in an inclusion classroom.
  3. Do you agree that because the school success of “second language learners” is so tied up with English, students in primary grades should abandon their native language in favor of English?
  4. You have two students who are struggling. Describe how the RTI process will be used to determine whether they require special education services.

Chapter 9: Managing student behavior DUE 23

  1. Explain why the Wongs believe that teachers who are more effective spend most of the first two weeks of school teaching students to follow class procedures.
  2. Discuss the importance of instructional time.
  3. Do you agree with Marshall’s statement that responsibility refers to an internal motivation to do the right thing?
  4. Discuss Coloroso’s three levels of misbehavior, which she calls: mistakes, mischief, and murder.
  5. Virtually all elementary students will agree that they would like to learn. Why then do they so often misbehave and make no effort to do what teachers ask of them?

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