Lifespan Development Paper ESSAY

Read the article below regarding risk and resiliency factors in families during the current . Re-read the article several times as you will need to understand the details and multideterminant reciprocal aspects discussed, as well as the ”big picture” and this takes more than one reading. (Links to an external site.)
OR in database under PsycArticles
Risk and resilience in family well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic
Prime, Heather (Links to an external site.); Wade, Mark (Links to an external site.); Browne, Dillon T (Links to an external site.).
American Psychologist (Links to an external site.) Vol. 75, Iss. 5, (Links to an external site.) (Jul 2020 – Aug 2020): 631-643.
Criteria for writing the paper:


You are familiar with developmental theory and Brofenbrenner’s bioecological model, both of which highlight multiple determinants on development. Discuss why multiple determinants in both families/individuals and society affect child risk and resiliency, Identify two particular risk factors you feel are most noxious during our pandemic times. End your introduction by stating how these 2 factors may create struggle for young, developing children.

The next part of your paper, approximately 2 pages, will be the body which is a review of the article (link below). You will NOT use separate subheadings, just paragraphs, as this paper should be in essay format. In the body you will address the following:
Give a synopsis of the model presented in this article.
In your own words, give 2 particular examples of how changes to parental work roles OR loss of employment can complicate meeting the educational and social needs of children. Address 2 particular examples of what parents can do to help create a positive educational and social environment for their child/ren.
In your own words, give 2 particular examples of how pandemic isolation can negatively affect the marital dyad (aka partner dyad) OR a single parent. Give 2 particular examples of what parents living together OR parents sharing custody OR a single parent can do to create positivity in relationships with their partner OR other adults.
In your own words, provide one example EACH of how siblings can provide support and provide stress for one another. Give an example of how an only children might be encouraged to socialize with peers.
Give an example of EACH of the three Rs: routines, rituals, and rules (different examples from those in the article). Discuss how routines, rituals and rules interact to create a sense of control, calm and connectivity for the whole family.

6. Conclude your paper by discussing what you find to be the 2 most important family beliefs in creating positive family resiliency during pandemic times. Now that we are coming out of quarantine shadows give an example and/or discuss some of the challenges we face when re-socializing.

Create a title for your paper. Use at least 2 quotes from this article to support what you are saying and/or what you feel is most impressive. Reference the article using APA format (for both in text and end of document referencing). Use APA referencing also if you use the textbook or any other outside source.

You can look up APA on the owlpurdue website: (Links to an external site.)

Don’t worry about all of the APA particulars, just focus on the (short) abstract and how to do references in the body of the paper and at the end of the paper. INCLUDE YOUR NAME, SECTION NUMBER AND A TITLE ON YOUR .

This double spaced, approximately 5 page paper in essay format, is worth as much as an exam 100 points. Grades are earned by following all of the above criteria, spelling/grammar and putting together a well-written (which also means well-edited), coherent and interesting paper that relays both an understanding of the journal article study and pertinent, well-thought out examples.