Life’s inspiration

Principles of A&P

Albany Technical College

Life’s inspiration

Instructions: Please type in black ink using Times New Romans with 12 point font, not in bold ink (-10 if incorrect). Please place your name, date, A&P I or II in the top right hand corner (-5 if missing).Please use complete sentences with proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar (-1 point for every error).Please be sure to cite your sources (-10 if missing).This counts as an exam grade.This is not optional.

Please choose a song that inspires you when you feel down and/or defeated.Please provide the name of the artist or band,the year the band was founded, the birthdate, birthplace of the artist, and the year the song was written (-10 if missing)

Please write all the lyrics to this song.Please note that although some songs may have cursing words, please bleep them out by only providing some of the letter such as sh*t and a*s just to name a few. Once you have written the chorus once, you may write repeat chorus.If a verse repeats itself, you may write repeat verse number 1, 2, etc.(-40 if missing)

You will then provide your interpretation of the song verse by verse and chorus by chorus.(-30 if missing)

Please discuss why this song inspires you. (-20 if missing)