LGN1322 Introduction to Eastern Religions

LGN1322 Introduction to Eastern Religions –

respond to one of the 3 following prompts.

It should be approximately 1500 words in length.It will be double spaced, 12 point font.It should follow a consistent bibliographic formatting,such as MLA, APA, or Chicago.

Please cite at least 3 sources from the materials we covered You may cite additional material if you wish, beyond the scope of the class.

Option 1: Interview with someone that self-identifies as religious/spiritual. Ask them:a.What does it mean to you, to be religious/spiritual? b.What are some of the ways that your religion/spiritualityhas impacted your relationshipsand life?Your paper will consist of 3 parts:I. Share their responses and describe your interaction.Please do not write theiranswers verbatim. Instead, share their answers byconsolidating/summarizing/synthesizing their answers. This shouldtake up about 1-1.5 pages.II. Then correlate the responses from your interviewwith the religiousconcepts/ideas of one of the religions we discussedthis semester.III. Describe how your understanding of religion haschanged or not, as a result of this course

.Option 2: Describe the way(s) that you understandthe relationship between individuals and theirfamilies and communities as they appear in each ofthe 3 traditions we investigated this summer.How have these ideas impacted the way that you thinkabout your relationship to family andcommunity?

Option 3: Attend a Buddhist, Hindu or Confucian ritual/service/ceremonyof some kind, eitheronline or in person.In your paper, spend 1-1.5 pages describing the ritual/service/ceremony.Share what it was,where it happened, how you attended, and as much otherpertinent information as you deemnecessary.Use the remainder of the paper to describe what thefunction of this ritual/service/ceremony is,and how it reflects some of the values ideas or valuesyou engaged with in the materials this summer.