Leadership assessment and the temperament assessment essay

( my major is EMS “emergency medical services/paramedic” )

After completion of leadership assessment and the temperament assessment (pdf), provide up to a 3 page reflection of the directions you may focus on in your based on your assessments. Describe how the assessment(s) will shape your career direction.

Instructions: Two Leadership Assessments will be provided and ONE Temperament Assessment. Complete these.

Temperament Assessment:  Download Temperament Assessment.pdf  

Then research your leadership style and your temperament. The Web is filled with viable and reliable information about your leadership style and your temperament. Each of the temperament styles are easily located. 

Then with the information about your leadership and your temperament provide some sense of your future direction.

Describe your . You may use other resources (Robbins or others to describe your style:

How do you think you arrived at this style:

What attributes of this style are going to assist you in your career:

What surprised you about this style? 

What would you like to change about this style.

Of the many leadership styles, what style do you think you want to be 

Explain how you will adapt your style as you advance in your career.

What are some negatives or concerns about this style? 


Synthesize the outcomes and describe what is your over thought on the temperament that you are. 

Describe whether you agree or disagree

Discuss at least 3 things that surprised you and why.

How will your temperament be best suited for your career? 

If you have an idea of where and what you want to do and be and when–Does your temperament match your goals?

What are some concerns about the temperament: 

Do you think your temperament will change? 

Paper: Paper format must include the following:

  1. Title page/
  2. Introduction with clear purpose, preview and direction for the paper.
  3. The body of the paper needs to be at least 3 pages (no more than 4) double spaced, typed pages in length.

*  Size 11-12 Ariel or New Times Roman font is required.

*  No bold fonts

*  1” margins on sides, top, and bottom of paper required.

  • Cite Sources if any and provide verification of the completion of the assessments.
  • Completion of assessments and completion of a career counselor review session.

Grading:                                                         Excellent             Developed                   Underdeveloped

Paper structure and flow clarity:            

Description of assessments                               

Reflection section on outcomes