Key factors for the success of Western Europe

Key factors for the success of Western Europe

Instructions for the submission

  • This assignment consists of writing a literature review for a that you already started in the previous sessions.
  • You must upload the written assignment using the “Dissertation Proposal Form.docx” template, placing the contents in their appropriate section, including the other elements developed in the previous assignment. (Section II.Research question – Section III. Literature review – Section IV. Methodology  – Section V. Bibliography)
  •  Save your document with the filename: FINAL_xxxxxxx (where xxxxxxx is your last name).
  • Upload your file at the “Assignment 2 submission point” Turnitin link at this Moodle page.


Development of a Literature review:

Write a literature review concerning your research question (include assignment 1 content). Your assignment must include the following elements:

  • Summary: You must write a summary with these contents: 
    • Concepts (2 or 3 concepts related to your research topic)                                                                       
    • Theories / Models (1 or 2 theories or models related to your research topic)
    • Trends (current trends or practices related to your research topic) 
  • Context presentation:  a short paragraph about the context of your research and its potential relevance.        
  • Related bibliography list: You must include the list of bibliographical sources used to write the summary. It must be done in Harvard style (a minimum of 10 sources must be included).