It has been said entrepreneurs are often risk takers with a high tolerance for risk


Please 4 individual and separate discussion topics below. Each discussion must be a min of 4 sentences (120-160 words min) and 1 source and a key point.

Discussion 1

 It has been said entrepreneurs are often risk takers with a high tolerance for risk. Do you think this statement is true? What is your definition of an entrepreneur? What are the rewards of starting a business? What are the risks? Briefly discuss two of the myths presented in the chapter. Be sure to cite any sources used (in APA format).

Discussion 2

As leaders, we all have strengths and weaknesses. There is so much to manage on a daily basis! Think about the various aspects of running your enterprise – people, money, marketing, etc. What aspects do you believe would play to your strengths and which would you struggle with? Research a leadership style in relation to what you learned about the successful entrepreneurial skill set. How does this leadership style contribute to running a successful business?

Discussion 3

Create a list of 5 ideas for a new venture; include a brief of each. Then select your top two ideas and write a brief paragraph about the potential of each, explaining why you think it’s a good idea. Research a franchise you might like to start. Discuss opportunities and costs.

Discussion 4

Research a business that has had cash flow problems. How did they handle the ? Have they implemented ways to make sure it does not happen in the future? How do you feel they handled the situation?